Illinois injury attorneyIf you have been injured in a car accident, you may think that your case is straightforward and that it is obvious that you deserve compensation for your losses. Sometimes this can be the case, but often, in order to get you a full recovery, the case becomes more complicated and requires the use of accident litigation professionals.

In these cases, you should seek the legal counsel of a car accident attorney who can assess your case and explain potential strengths and weaknesses. Your attorney may inform you that an expert witness will be needed to testify on your behalf to prove the following.

Proving Fault

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b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_141473581.jpgRead your divorce agreement. 

That's right - thoroughly completely and more than once, read your own divorce agreement. It is the future roadmap of your life after your divorce. The more money you have the more important it is for you personally to read each and every page of your divorce agreement. Don’t rely on some else, even your attorney.
Simple as that seems many couples go through a divorce without actually reading each and every page and each and every paragraph of their divorce agreement. 
We recently represented a Hinsdale Illinois couple who had been divorced for several years. The Wife was to receive maintenance plus a percentage of the Husband’s income from all sources.
Over the years since the divorce the Husband had not earned bonuses but instead his employer gave him stock options. His claim was that the stock options were his nonmarital property earned after the divorce and should not be counted as additional income. 
Our client’s first lawyer told her she had no case. When she came to us we carefully analyzed her case and determined that her first lawyer was wrong.  She had a very provable claim for stock options as a form of income and thereby substantial additional maintenance for her. 
We successfully argued in DuPage County divorce court on the behalf of our client, the ex-wife, that her ex- Husband’s stock options were additional income and should be considered party of her divorce settlement. The result: our client receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars of extra maintenance from the stock options. 
The take away: her ex-husband had never read his own divorce settlement agreement. He relied upon his lawyers to explain it to him. He never asked any of the right questions and didn't really find out what he had agreed to until his ex-wife brought him into Court seeking additional maintenance from his stock options.
Hinsdale Illinois divorcing couples are particularly prone to having complex financial issues arise including stock options as well as those dealing with life insurance, trusts, and the protections offered children by way of educational trusts. At we are familiar with the complications that arise when our Hinsdale neighbors divorce. 
We work closely with our forensic accountants to find assets and value them properly. We create settlement agreements that cover all the bases for complex and High asset divorces. 
By the way we insist that each of our clients read their divorce agreement themselves.

Illinois family law attorneyThe dead beat dad has a negative connotation throughout society. The cliche mental picture of the full-grown man who, after a single night or even years of fun, impregnates a woman and walks away, out of both the lives of the mother and the future child. The legal system spends obscene amounts of money annually tracking these individuals, many times to no avail. While there are men out there hiding from their responsibilities, there are many others who do everything possible to become a part of their child's life. Sometimes, people jump through hoops to have a legal connection with their children while mothers intentionally thwart every effort. Establishing paternity has numerous legal and emotional benefits to consider.

Paternity Ensures the Child’s Rights to Benefits

Without having established paternity, a child will not necessarily be able to utilize significant benefits to which they would be entitled via the father. Benefits not only include the financial benefits but others as well, such as:

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Illinois accident lawyer, Illinois car crash attorneyMany car accident victims are curious about punitive damages - and for good reason. Punitive damages are often awarded in large amounts, and Illinois does not cap punitive damages. It is not unheard of for punitive damages to reach millions of dollars, although they can be much lower depending on the facts of the case.

The reality, however, is that only a small number of car crash cases will qualify for punitive damages.

Definition of Punitive Damages

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Illinois custody lawyer, Illinois family attorneyThe adage that it “takes a village to raise a child” is making a comeback with limitations. Children learn an enormous amount of information and behaviors from their parents and guardians, but as they grow, children begin to watch the world around them. The truth is, to become well-rounded and functioning adults, children need guidance from positive adult role models around them. Naturally, the group of most trusted individuals remains within the family. When a couple is married or in a domestic partnership, the children involved often have two family trees. Deep-rooted bonds form, occasionally stronger than even that of the parent-child bond. If the marriage comes to an end resulting in a divorce those ties do not break, nor are they forgotten. However, all-too-often the divorce and child custody battles raise the question of the rights of the other family members for visitation of the child.

The Situation Example

In many single family homes, a marriage dissolution comes about due to irreconcilable differences, basically meaning that there is something detrimental that exists within the union that is irreparable. Most cases result in some agreement either handed down by a judge or determined between two agreeing parties. Consider, however, the situation in which one party is volatile, and the family runs from the home in the dark of the night to avoid negative repercussions. Often restraining orders begin for the safety of the lives involved. If due to the circumstances, a judge determines the parent in which the injunction is against should not have visitation rights to their child, the primary link to that side of the family may be lost. Grandparents and other family members often worry that they may lose legal rights to see the children.

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