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Illinois divorce lawyerDating after a divorce can signify that you have healed from all the pain and heartbreak and are ready for the next chapter of your life with someone new. After ending a marriage, you may wonder when you will be ready to date again. Here are five signs that may indicate it is time for you to enter the dating world:

1. You know what you are looking for.

Your divorce has likely taught you what types of qualities you are looking for in a new partner. If you have a clear understanding of what you are looking for and have learned from your past relationship, you will be in greater control of your future when you date again.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_time-limit-annulment-illinois.jpgCommon sense would make you think an annulment—which declares the marriage never existed—would be simpler, but this is not necessarily true. Divorce is by far simpler to obtain since irreconcilable differences can be used as the grounds in most cases. Beginning in 2016, irreconcilable differences will be the only grounds available for any divorce in Illinois.

Are There Time Limits On The Grounds For Annulment In Illinois?  

Yes. 750 ILCS 5/302

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child support IMAGEChild support orders in Illinois are generated using a calculator. Once the amount is determined, it’s listed in a current child support order. There are cases where the amount of child support can be altered, but it’s recommended that you walk through the procedure with your attorney first. This can be helpful for ensuring that you understand the process as well as making you feel confident and prepared to ask for the change.

A child support order alteration can be completed when there has been a major change since the last child support order. Make sure you are clear about what is considered a “major change” before you proceed with your request.

Remember that the other parent can also request changes in child support in the form of an increase if he or she is able to demonstrate major changes.

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stepfamily IMAGEAccording to the American Psychological Association (APA), between 40 to 50 percent of all first-time married couples in America end up having to file for a divorce. Unfortunately, the statistics do not improve for subsequent marriages; in fact, second and third marriages are often less successful than the first. This could be due in part to the difficulties involved with making a stepfamily work. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of success.

Discuss Your Financials

Arguments over finances and spending are some of the most common complaints married couples have. To prevent these from happening early on, have a discussion with your spouse about your financial goals. You should also consider whether you and your spouse will pool your money or have separate accounts. The APA reports that couples who pool their money often say they are happier than those who choose to have separate accounts.

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cohabitation lawyer

As the tail-end of Generation X and the beginning of Generation Y’s members begin to pair off, there is a noticeable trend toward cohabitation and flight from marriage. Even though recent studies have shown that there is a physical and mental benefit to saying “I do,” younger couples are choosing cohabitation over marriage for a variety of reasons. In an article written in The Atlantic, the author discusses the reasons both sexes are hesitant to marry and the possible reasons that cohabitation becomes an appealing option for most couples. For one, many are afraid of the damaging effects of a bad marriage.

In addition, many are worried about the hassle and economic devastation of a divorce, and the ensuing alimony and legal hoops through which each would have to jump. Cohabitation provides for many of the marriage benefits without the negative legal ramifications that a messy divorce could produce. However, though this may be the predominant thinking for many making the choice to ask “Will you move in with me?” rather than “Will you marry me?”, many young couples who make the former choice, rather than the latter, leave themselves vulnerable to more terrible consequences.

Cohabitation: One Step Towards Common Law Marriage

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