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There are many misconceptions about arranged marriages, but historically, arranged marriages are conceived out of family tradition and not religious beliefs. Another misconception is that these types of marriages are never forged on American soil, however, that is not true.
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Motorcycle riders, by the very nature of their vehicles, are considerably more vulnerable to injury in an accident. The relative size and weight of a motorcycle, combined the lack of a structural frame surrounding the rider can lead to catastrophic consequences. For this reason, federal agencies and other safety organizations encourage riders to always wear a helmet when riding, even if the state in which they live do not require it. Illinois, for example, is one of only two states that has no helmet requirements whatsoever, leaving riders free to make the decision for themselves.
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Workers on construction sites extreme face danger daily by virtue of the type of work they do, and the risk of a workplace fatality is very real. This danger is exacerbated when safety precautions are compromised, putting workers at further risk. When preventable accidents happen, the consequences can be deadly. If fortunate to survive, workers are often left battling catastrophic injuries.
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In the United States, it is projected that one out of every two marriages will end in divorce. The majority of these divorces will involve children. With the focus generally lain on the parents, one may wonder just how divorce is viewed through the eyes of a child caught somewhere in between.
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Hidden assets, undisclosed income, and phony debts to business associates, parents, or relatives are commonplace to those divorcing or thinking about divorce.
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On April 7, 2016 The Huffington Post reported that Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, signed a bill on repealing a law that has been on the books since 1868. The law made it a second-degree misdemeanor for an unmarried man and woman to “lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together.”
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It has become the most relevant topic of divorce in the U.S.: our national divorce rate. Source after source cite that our national divorce rate runs as high as 50 percent for all marriages today, but some disagreeing scholars assign a lower rate of between 42 to 45 percent. No matter the actual rate, the national divorce rate is relatively higher than what perhaps proponents of marriage would like to see but for those in various professions, the experts have even less than positive projections.
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Of these examples, which one reflects a dissipation of marital assets in your Illinois divorce?

For most people, making a mistake at work creates a relatively minor hardship for a customer or a coworker. Perhaps a customer paid slightly more than they should have for a particular item, their food order was wrong, or their custom-designed computer software will be delivered a little later than originally promised. While such errors are certainly frustrating, they are rarely the basis for a credible negligence lawsuit. In certain professions, of course, mistakes can be significantly more serious. A police officer, for example, who mistakenly arrests the wrong person can dramatically …
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Over the last several decades, advancements in science and human behavior have created entirely new standards for the way we look at mental health. Emotional and behavioral issues that were once ignored or written off have become increasingly recognized as legitimate medical concerns, often treatable with a combination of various types of therapy and medication regimens. When mental health or psychological issues are caused by a traumatic event, such as a car accident, however, there seems to be some hesitancy to recognize the injuries as medical in nature. In most cases, compensation for …
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As the end of the school year quickly approaches, June 6th may very well become “D” day for those drafting or maintaining child custody agreements drafted under the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5).
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