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During a divorce, it is not uncommon for a judge to order one parent to pay child support. This support is legally binding and cannot be changed unless one spouse petitions the court to modify it. The courts will only change these orders under certain circumstances, however. If you are considering asking the court to change your child support order, below are the few scenarios in which a judge may consider making the change.
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Typically, at least one spouse knows the marriage is headed for divorce before anyone actually files divorce papers. As the prospect of divorce becomes more of a reality, it is then natural for that spouse to wonder if they should file first, or if it matters.
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Many people understand that a premarital agreement can protect them in the event of a divorce, but still fail to see how this contract can also help them during their marriage. Of all the benefits a premarital agreement brings, a more peaceful and harmonious marriage is one of the biggest. Below are just a few of the ways having a premarital agreement in place before the wedding can help ensure you have a happy marriage.
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Facing divorce is extremely difficult, but you may find it even harder to sit down and tell your children about it. In some cases, it may have been clear for quite some time that divorce was imminent, so the children may already have their suspicions. Sometimes, however, the announcement of divorce comes as a complete shock to children, which makes it even more difficult. There is no perfect way to tell your children that you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, but the below tips can help you find a starting point and ensure you know what to say.
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Divorce is never easy. No matter how amicable the proceedings are, or how mutual the divorce is, it is still an extremely difficult thing to go through. Once a divorce is finalized, it is natural for people to want to take a minute before they rush into their new lives. During this time, a person may still be too upset about what they just went through, or they simply may have no interest in making big changes too soon. Even when this is the case, it is important to take some steps right away after a divorce.
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There was a time when people would not even think of getting a divorce after many years of marriage, even if they were unhappy. Historically, the majority of people simply did not see the point of getting divorced after a long marriage and were content enough to just wait it out. That is no longer the case today. Now, people are more willing to get divorced if they are unhappy, no matter how long they have been married. When they do, there are certain things to take into consideration that may not necessarily be a factor in a divorce after a shorter marriage.
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Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that during a divorce, property is divided fairly, although not necessarily equally. Due to the fact that the property must be divided fairly, a judge will use a number of factors to determine how that will work, and how property will be divided. Below is one explanation about those twelve factors and how they affect property division.
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It is always a difficult situation when two people get divorced and, at least until it is final, have to live in the same home. There is typically tension between the two parties, and that stress can filter throughout the house. When children are involved, they can feel it too, and that can become unhealthy. In some instances, it may be possible for one spouse to evict the other from the marital home and take exclusive possession of it. Unfortunately, this is not easy to do. An Illinois divorce lawyer can help individuals that wish to take exclusive possession of their home.
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