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Weeks after the sad death of Larry King, his widow is now challenging his will in court. Larry King’s widow, Shawn Southwick King is arguing that her husband did not have the mental capacity to draft a will, which he wrote two months after filing for divorce from Shawn. She is also stating that he was influenced by other people when creating his will. Although Larry King had already filed for divorce, the case was not yet finalized. While the case contesting the will is still ongoing, it does highlight the need for divorcing couples to revise their wills when their marriage has come to an …
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Frequently couples who are seeking a divorce try to make their own agreements. Sometimes it works and sometimes it degenerates into argument after argument.
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Divorcing couples have many questions when their marriage ends. One of the saddest is, “Who gets to keep the pet?” The question is an interesting one, and in recent years, Illinois has changed the law on how pets are viewed during divorce proceedings. While pets were once considered property, today some family courts, including those in Illinois, make decisions regarding pets based on child custody guidelines more than they do on property division laws.
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Mediation is an option for couples that are going through a divorce and want to avoid litigation. During mediation, the couple meets with a mediator who is a neutral third party. The mediator’s main job is to foster compromise between a couple so they can reach an agreement on all terms of the divorce and avoid a trial. For many couples, mediation has many benefits, but there are some drawbacks to the process, as well.
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After a divorce, entering into a romantic relationship with another partner is very exciting. Many times, people even want to get remarried, which is another exciting prospect. However, if you are considering remarriage after getting a divorce, there are some very important factors to consider first. Any new marriage you enter into will not only affect you and your new spouse, but also your former spouse and your children.
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Recently, there was a story about a woman that gave away her old wedding rings after her divorce. She decided to give them away, either to frontline workers or members of the LGBTQ community. The story is not only a heartwarming one, but also shines a light on a very interesting topic that comes up after a couple gets divorced. People often wonder what happens to the wedding and engagement rings after divorce, and whether or not they have to return them to the person that paid for them. As with most legal issues, the answer is that it depends.
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Many people are familiar with the term ‘starter home’ and what it means. A starter home is usually a very affordable home a person or couples buys when they are just starting out in life. Typically used as an introduction to real estate ownership, people soon give up their starter home within five to ten years and move on to something bigger and better. Today, ‘starter marriages’ are also becoming more common and it has been found that these unions are at a much higher risk for divorce. However, while the chances of a starter marriage dissolving are much greater, like starter homes, a…
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Post-divorce modifications are sometimes necessary when an inappropriate or unfair divorce ruling was entered into the official records. In other cases, a judge’s final ruling is fair and appropriate but at some point, it no longer fits the couple’s needs. In either of these cases, one or both parties can petition the court for a post-divorce modification that can change the ruling and alter the terms so it better suits either party. However, there are some things to know about these modifications before you seek one from the court.
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Timing is crucial with many things in life, and that includes when a person should consult with a divorce lawyer. Some people worry that contacting a lawyer too soon will further impact a marriage and contribute to its demise. On the other hand, many people understand that waiting too long to speak to a divorce lawyer can severely affect their rights moving forward.
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