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Divorce litigation can be a stressful affair. The hearings may go on for weeks or even months depending on the particular issues of the case. Those going through a high-asset divorce may be in and out of the courtroom for more than a year. Substantial evidence may need to be gathered, including financial records, bank statements, deeds, and more. Litigation is not an expedient method of divorce. The unpleasantness and inconvenience of litigating a divorce drive many spouses, including those who are far from amicable, to resolve their divorces through the use of cooperative divorce techniques …
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In a recent blog, we talked about what to expect from divorce litigation. Taking a divorce case to court is certainly not everyone’s first choice. There may be an easier, quicker, and less costly way to resolve your divorce. Modern spouses have options like mediation and attorney-facilitated negotiation that may lead to an out-of-court settlement.
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Many modern couples enjoy the security of a strong prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements can secure each spouse’s separate property or govern how marital property is to be divided in a divorce. For some, a legally sound prenuptial agreement can make the divorce process more expedient and less stressful. There may be very little property or money not governed by the agreement, making any negotiations of this nature generally brief. However, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements cannot settle the totality of the issues in each divorce case. The allocation of parenting …
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Divorce can be complicated even for spouses who share very little marital property. When part of your marital or shared property is a business, ownership interests and other rights regarding the business will need to be divided in an equitable manner. There are a lot of considerations that must be taken into account when dividing a business incident to high-asset divorce. For example, you may consider whether one of you owned the business solely prior to marriage, or if one of you does a majority of the work in managing the company’s day-to-day operations.
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Being married to a narcissist can feel like being caught in the web of a spider. Often, narcissists are skilled at hiding their narcissistic traits from outsiders, and they may even appear charming and polite to those who do not know them as well as their spouse would. Or, your friends and family may have quickly come to comprehend the true nature of your spouse. Indeed, social supports are of vital importance while you are in the process of undoing your marital entanglements with your narcissist spouse. There may be significant challenges on your path to a divorce decree, particularly if …
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One of the best things you can do for yourself and your children if you are in an abusive marriage is to get out and file for divorce. It is a well-settled fact that spousal abuse tends to get worse over time rather than improving. Quite a few people who are facing spousal abuse have not yet identified that what their spouse is doing to them is a form of abuse. While hitting or hurting a spouse is always abuse, there are many different types of spousal abuse. If your spouse is engaged in any form of abuse, your odds of ultimately experiencing physical violence at their hands are increased.
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