Life Events That Can Lead to Divorce

 Posted on February 27, 2018 in Family Law

Illinois family lawyerMarriages are full of happy and tragic events. Unfortunately, some of the tragic events cause spouses to question what they really want and whether they are living their life to the fullest. Our divorce lawyers have noticed that these six life events are the ones that often lead to divorce because they distance couples rather than make them stronger:

1. Job Loss

Losing a job and worrying about finances can hinder a marriage. Income loss can change the way a couple spends their time and lives their life. It can also cause one spouse to constantly worry about the unemployed spouse and feel stressed out about being the sole breadwinner.

2. Illness

When one spouse becomes diagnosed with a serious illness, a couple can face life-changing consequences. The ill spouse may no longer be able to fulfill their marital duties, be in need of constant care, and cause a marriage to fall apart. Illness can be especially tough on a marriage when the ill spouse was the caretaker in the past.

3. Becoming Empty Nesters

Couples can lose their connection to one another and drift apart as time passes. When their children move out of the house and it is just the two of them, they may feel that there is no reason to continue their marriage because they do not have anything in common anymore. This is one of the reasons gray divorces are so common.

4. The Birth of Children

When it comes time to have children, couples are usually very excited. They spend their days discussing names and planning for parenthood. However, when their children are finally born and they face sleepless nights, diaper changes, and other challenges, they feel irritable, exhausted, and begin to miss their freedom. When couples cannot work together to help one another out when their children are born, marital tension, arguments, and resentment may arise and lead to divorce.

5. Infidelity

The violation of a couple’s contract regarding emotional and sexual exclusivity is referred to as infidelity. Infidelity is something that many spouses cannot forgive or forget, leading them to file for divorce rather than hope that their husband or wife will change.

6. Living Apart

Job obligations, the military, and other circumstances require some couples to temporary live apart. When spouses are forced to live apart for extended periods of time, the separation can take a toll on their marriage and result in divorce.

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