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IL divorce lawyerViews of marriage and divorce vary around the world and in different cultural communities. The Western world idolizes and glamorizes the notion of two individuals falling in love and finding their “happily ever after.” Meanwhile, many Asian, African, South American, and Middle Eastern communities prefer the practice of arranged marriages. This method of creating a union has been practiced for thousands of years for cultural, familial, convenience and economic reasons. Although it is believed that these unions build a more stable foundation, they too sometimes result in divorce. No matter the start, sometimes a marriage must come to an end. If you had an arranged marriage, here are some cultural considerations to consider:

The Western Version of Marriage Is Relatively New

When you think about it, the idea of marrying for love is relatively new in the grand scheme of things and is approximately only a few hundred years old. 55% of marriages throughout the world are arranged marriages. Although many people here in the United States have the opinion that these unions occur under force and coercion, that is not true. Many people entering into these marriages do so by their own free will and because it is a tradition that works. On a global scale, the divorce rate of arranged marriage is between 4% and 6%; compared to the United States rate, which hovers around 50%. It is essential to partner with an attorney that understands and respects the practice of arranged marriage.

Marital Values

Individuals within the marriage come from varying backgrounds. During a divorce, it is crucial that an attorney investigate individual beliefs early in the dissolution process. For some, divorce is frowned upon within their community or forbidden altogether. Additionally, each culture celebrates different marital values regarding gender equality and gender roles. An attorney should be sensitive to these considerations and create a strong strategy.

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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyerFor centuries, parents, with other individuals in the community, chose marriage partners for their children. This methodology of selecting a spouse is called an arranged marriage. Although in the United States, marriage commonly occurs when two people fall in love on their volition, and they choose to marry, in other countries and cultures, an arranged marriage is the only way to go. Arranged marriage is not unheard of here either, however, and in the groups that still abide by this method, the divorce rate is significantly lower than average. No matter how the marriage began, if it falls apart, divorce is still an option.

Prevalence of Arranged Marriages

An arranged marriage is one set up by parents, community elders, matchmakers, and religious leaders. Those involved consider the two individuals and their personalities as well as their social class and the cultural impact of such a union. This type of union is not to be confused with a forced marriage. With this option, although the suggestion is made, the decision to enter the marriage must be made willingly by the two matched together. Cultures that practice this way of life include India, Pakistan, Japan, China, and Israel.

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Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce lawyerThere are many misconceptions about arranged marriages, but historically, arranged marriages are conceived out of family tradition and not religious beliefs. Another misconception is that these types of marriages are never forged on American soil, however, that is not true.

Although for the majority of Western society, the concept of an arranged marriage may sound ludicrous and leave many confused and wondering where is the love in all of this. As the United States thrives as a true melting pot of culture, the concept of an arranged marriage presently still occurs in the Hindu, Orthodox Jewish, Muslim, African, and Amish present day cultures, just to name a few. Actually, arranged marriages were the norm in Western culture up until the late 1700s, but after that, love was introduced into the marital equation. Soon followed the advent of spousal abandonment and divorce.

Historically, Eastern cultures have been arranging marriages for ages as a means to strengthen the community or to successfully combine families to advance the economic, political or social standing of each family.

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