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DuPage County personal injury attorneyOf all the passengers on the road, children are the most vulnerable. They are more likely to sustain injuries in general, but they are also at an increased risk for serious injury when an accident occurs. This applies, even when parents are using car seats correctly. For this reason, parents should be aware of the injuries that children are likely to sustain in an accident, and how to appropriately respond, should an injury occur.

Most Common Injuries

In a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), children of all ages were most at risk for head injuries (contusions, lacerations, concussions, skull base fractures). Children under the age of one were found to be at a particularly high risk for concussions, and children between the ages of one and seven were at an increased risk for skull base fractures. Children were also at an increased risk for rib fractures during a crash, especially if they were under a year old.

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DuPage County car crash lawyersAccording to the National Safety Council, 2015 saw one of the largest annual increases in U.S. traffic accident injuries and deaths in half a century. In total, an estimated 4.4 million were injured (2.3 million were serious injuries) and another 38,300 were killed. A number of factors are thought to be responsible, but all drivers are being encouraged to know how to accurately respond if and when they experience an accident. The following information can help you know what steps to take – and what not to do – if you are involved in an automobile accident.

Stay Calm and Check for Injuries

An accident is bound to shake you up, but it is important that you stay as calm as possible in the aftermath. You need to ensure that you are safe, that you are not seriously injured, and that the driver and passengers of the other vehicle have not been seriously injured. If you do, in fact, find that someone has been injured, do not move them (unless not moving them puts them in more danger) and immediately call 911. Stay with them, try to stop any bleeding if you can, and attempt to keep them calm. If you are the one injured, do not move unless you have to and, again, call 911.

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Hinsdale personal injury attorneyWhen you pay for healthcare coverage and are injured in an accident, like most Americans, you would likely assume that your health insurance would cover the medical bills and that your settlement would be free and clear (pending any applicable taxes, of course). That is, after all, why you pay for healthcare coverage. Yet, according to a news investigation, hospitals all over the country are refusing to bill the victim’s health insurance and, instead, are seeking compensation through their auto accident injury settlement. The end result is often a short-sided and unfair settlement for accident victims.

Why At-Fault Drivers Are Footing the Hospital Bill

Just as patients make agreements with their insurance companies regarding how much they will pay in exchange for lower-costing healthcare, physicians and hospitals make contractual agreements that predetermine how much they will be paid for services when they bill an insurance provider. These amounts, otherwise known as “allowable amounts,” are typically higher than the patient might have been able to pay for the service out-of-pocket, but are lower than the provider’s full fee. The remaining balance is then written off by the provider as a “contractual adjustment,” rather than being billed to the patient. This, too, is an agreement they make when contracting with an insurance company.

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Hinsdale personal injury attorneysFor decades, automakers and software developers have been working toward the reality of self-driving automobiles. Once merely a staple of futuristic science fiction, autonomous vehicles are now becoming part of the everyday traffic on American roadways. Recent events, however, have demonstrated with tragic clarity that self-driving vehicles are not without their risks. A number of accidents have been reported over the last several months, including one that resulted in the first autonomous vehicle-related death in the United States.

Fatal Crash in Florida

According to preliminary reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the May 9 crash occurred when a tractor-trailer attempted to turn left at a highway intersection in Williston, Florida. As the truck turned, a Tesla Model S sports car operating on “Autopilot”—Tesla’s self-driving feature—failed to notice the big rig and went under the trailer. The collision sheared the roof off of the car, killing the occupant in the driver’s seat.

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car accident claim, DuPage County car accident lawyerAnyone who has experienced the unfortunate event of being involved in a car accident knows firsthand just how stressful the aftermath can be. Regardless of who caused the collision or how minor or major the damage, navigating the insurance claim process, tending to any injuries, and dealing with vehicle damage is often downright overwhelming.

Who is at Fault?

Following an auto accident, many questions arise as you begin the process of assessing the damage, exchanging insurance information, filing a claim, and reporting injuries. One of the first concerns is typically who will pay for repairs and any medical bills that are incurred. While your insurance agency might be capable of explaining your policy, it does no good if you do not understand your rights or what that policy means in the first place. It is important to know who is at fault and who is responsible for what expenses.

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