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Illinois injury lawyerAfter a car accident, you may be worried about paying more for your car insurance. This is understandable as car insurance is not cheap and you don’t want to overspend on it. The truth is that in some instances your car insurance rates will increase and in others, they will not be affected. Let’s take a closer look at how a car accident may impact your car insurance rates.

Instances When Car Insurance Rates Do Not Change

Most drivers wrongly assume that their rates will automatically increase after any type of accident. This is not always the case, especially if you were in a minor accident and have a track record of safe driving.

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Illinois injury lawyerEvery day, an average of nine people are killed and more than 1,000 people are injured in car accidents involving distracted drivers throughout the United States. Distracted driving is one of the greatest threats to safety on the road today, and drivers who take their attention off the road to use their cell phone, adjust their radio or environmental controls, or converse with passengers are putting everyone who uses the road at risk.

It can be difficult to resist the temptation to take your eyes off the road to look at your phone or perform another activity, but by following these tips, you can protect yourself and others from the threat of distracted driving accidents:

  • Only use your phone in an emergency - Any cell phone use while driving, including making hands-free calls, can cause you to miss important details that might help you avoid a crash. It is best to turn off your phone altogether, and if you need to make an emergency call, pull over to a safe place first.
  • Make adjustments before leaving - Adjusting your radio station, the position of your seat, or your car’s heater or air conditioner while driving can be enough of a momentary distraction to cause an accident. Making sure everything is configured before setting out on the road can help you avoid taking your eyes off the road while you are driving.
  • Store loose items - Make sure any items in the car are properly secured, so that you will not take your attention off the road to reach for items that roll around while the car is moving.
  • Secure children before driving - Children should be fully buckled up before you begin driving. Do not reach into the back seat to take care of them; if you need to attend to their needs, you should pull over to a safe place first.
  • Avoid eating and drinking - Try to eat any meals or snacks before leaving, or pull over to a safe place to do so, since eating and drinking while driving can be enough of a distraction to cause an accident.
  • Do not try to multi-task - It can be tempting to try to complete some other tasks while you drive, such as grooming, reading a magazine, or writing a note. However, dividing your attention between the task of driving and any other activities, even for a moment, can lead to an accident.

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Hinsdale car accident attorneyBy now, most motorists are now aware of the Takata airbag recall. Nearly 30 million cars in North America alone have been recalled due to factory-installed airbags that inflate explosively and cause shrapnel from internal components to hit drivers in the face. The defective airbags have been decisively linked with at least ten deaths and dozens of additional injuries in related auto accidents. Recently, the National Highway and Transportation Safety Authority (NHTSA) announced that airbag manufacturer will be responsible for supporting the recall of between 35 million and 40 million additional vehicles over the next three years. The NHTSA is requiring cooperation from Takata as part of an amended consent order between the Japanese supplier and the agency. While the recall is an effort to increase safety, it also highlights the risk for serious injury or death to millions of American drivers.

Defective Airbag Inflators

The root of the current issue is the airbag inflator, which utilizes a chemical propellant to quickly inflate the airbag in the event of a crash. Over time, exposure to temperature and humidity changes can cause the propellant to degrade, leading to unpredictable, explosive deployment of the airbag. The explosions are strong enough to break pieces of the airbag housing loose, sending metal fragments flying into the face of innocent drivers.

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