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cheating spouse IMAGEWhile some spouses are not concerned about concealing the details of their extramarital affair, some partners can be masters at disguise. There are emotional clues that your partner could be cheating or is more likely to cheat. If you discover evidence of cheating, you might want to contact a divorce attorney sooner rather than later to walk through your options.

There are overt clues that something is up with your spouse, such as trouble remembering things or appearing distracted, but emotions themselves can also give you some guidance. A recent study from the Journal of Family Psychology, for example, found that partners who feared abandonment, were more likely to seek out extramarital affairs. The idea behind the research is that an individual who is insecure and fears their own partner might be drifting away or cheating might begin working on attaching to someone else.

Another clue that someone is cheating is a sudden desire to improve appearance. This can be a tricky one to figure out, since your partner might be trying to improve their appearance for you, so think about whether you have found multiple clues related to cheating. If they are trying out a makeover or a new look but not out sharing it with you, this is a clue they might be showing off for someone else. Finally, if you notice that your spouse has quickly shifting moods, this could be a signal that he or she is cheating. It can be difficult to keep up the schedule and lies of cheating, which can lead to irritable moods.

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illinois divorce cheating attorneyWhether you had suspicions that it was happening or you discovered proof out of the blue, infidelity hurts. Different people have varying opinions on whether it is possible to overcome infidelity in a marriage, but there are some tips that can help you process what’s happened and feel more confident about your next steps. Relying on your support network and talking through your own feelings about the issue can be very helpful. Deciding to separate or divorce might the right choice for you.

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15 percent of wives and 25 percent of husbands have admitted to infidelity during their marriage. Although some couples are able to work through the issues related to the infidelity, either on their own or with professional help, for other spouses the violation of trust is simply too much. Whether you decide to stay or determine it’s time to go, you’ll need to be prepared to work through the emotions associated with being a victim of infidelity.

New York couples’ therapist Dr. Jamie Turndorf suggests the first step is stopping the affair. If the affair will not stop, this is a sure sign that you need to consider your legal options. The person who is betrayed should be in charge of taking whatever time is needed for the recovery.

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Illinois Cheating Husband Divorce AttorneyInfidelity is one of the most cited reasons for divorce. Many affairs may be uncovered by early suspicions that cause a woman to become her own private investigator. According to The Huffington Post, there are several signs that can be indicators that your husband may be having an affair.

While all women love to have their husbands pay attention to them, a sudden change in his habits may indicate that he has something to hide. He may be calling more from the office, all of the sudden reporting every move that he makes with you, and he might be buying gifts all of the sudden. All of things are wonderful if this is typical behavior for him, if not, there may be something going on.

If your usually reserved husband is all of the sudden replacing his ties and jackets with jeans and tee shirts, that may be an indicator that there is something else going on in another part of his life. He may be adapting himself to the likes of someone else. Is he wearing a new scent when it was previously hard to even get him to wear cologne? Your usually quiet husband might even take a sudden interest in a different kind of music. What you are looking for here is extremes.

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A new study conducted by Mobile Phone Checker reveals that men are twice as likely as women to look through their significant other’s phone to try and identify signs of cheating. With increasing reliance on smartphones, many of which are linked directly to the owner’s social media and email accounts, it’s become easier for a curious party to conduct an investigation in a matter of moments. Some of these phone investigations have even led to divorce.

For those taking part in the survey, 89 percent noted that their primary goal in snooping through the other person’s phone was to determine if the partner was cheating or not. Half of the people who admitted to the behavior stated that they had indeed found evidence of cheating or infidelity. The same group of individuals who admitted to snooping said that if their partners were cheating, 31 percent of them would terminate the relationship.

The study highlights a critical issue that stands at the root of many divorces: infidelity. Whether it’s lack of trust, loss of communication, a gut feeling, or preliminary evidence that has been uncovered, it can be difficult for couples to recover from a snooping incident. For those who do go through their spouse’s phone, it can be a difficult decision about how to proceed if documentation of the infidelity is uncovered.

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