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Illinois divorce lawyerA document created and agreed to by the parents of a minor child and approved by the court is known as a parenting plan. A parenting plan governs the relationship between the parents regarding the child. If you are going through a divorce and in the process of designing a parenting plan, the following tips can help ensure it is successful.

1. Determine Vacation Parenting

If your child is in school, they will have time off for winter break, spring break, and summer break. Determine which parent will be responsible for caring for the child during these times off from school.

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Illinois divorce lawyer, DuPage County divorce attorneyThe Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (750 ILCS 5/503) defines the division of marital property, marital debt, and any other obligation defined by the court during a divorce and bound by specific procedures. Although Illinois is not a communal property state, it is an equitable division one. At the time of consideration of the division of marital assets and/or debts, Illinois courts will review the overall situation but is prohibited to include any type of marital misconduct, such as infidelity or other damaging factors leading to the dissolution of marriage in their division decisions. The following 12 factors influence the courts in their decision when it comes to fair equity distribution or percentage of marital debt to be satisfied.

Spousal Contributions

The role of the courts is to determine the percentage of spousal contribution that has contributed to the acquisition, preservation or increase, or decrease of all marital or non-marital property. Consideration is also given to which of the partners provided the majority of marital income contributing to an increase in marital assets. The same provision is given to the spouse who has increased the amount of debt throughout the marriage.

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Illinois custody lawyer, Illinois family law attorneyWith the advent of the first holiday commercial appearing 100 days before December 25, K-Mart, a leading retail chain, did experience a varying degree of flack over what appeared to be an extensive early showing. Although we all tend to be annoyed how early retailers begin running their spots to grab the attention of holiday shoppers, it is estimated that 34 million Americans have already started their holiday shopping. As this represents 14 percent of the population, one million report that they have already finished gift buying. Although holiday gift-giving is a joyous occasion, for those who have undergone a divorce and share custody, the holiday season can become grueling as schedules become a challenge.

Often as the holiday season is recognized as the most contentious of custody conflicts within the calendar year, the following tips may assist both parents with reaching an effective compromise.

Refer to Your Current Shared Custody Agreement

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 child custody agreement, child visitation, communicate, divorce mediation, DuPage County divorce attorney, DuPage County Family Center, Illinois divorce, parenting conflicts, Our Family Wizard, shared parenting time, parent calendar programSlamming doors, shouting matches, and hurt feelings can be a thing of the past. Contentious divorce cases bring out the worst in even the best people. No matter how angry, betrayed, or depressed you or your spouse feel, the toll a bitter divorce takes on children is magnified ten-fold.

The parents who used to read their children bedtime stories have been replaced by strangers who seem to only communicate through clenched jaws and gritted teeth. To combat that creeping alienation, family lawyers and courts have a new tool in their toolbox called "Our Family Wizard."

Our Family Wizard is a website available to anyone with an Internet connection, and it provides parents in even the most difficult cases with the tools needed to organize shared parenting time and to reduce conflict. The website is designed to facilitate communication and to reduce the stress of that communication by providing a safe space to direct contact both during and after divorce proceedings.

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child custody agreement, child visitation, divorce mediation, DuPage County divorce attorney, DuPage County Family Center, Illinois divorce, parenting conflictsHow many classes did you take in school, as a child and as a young adult, in which you learned things that were not directly useful in the real world? And how many of us have actually taken classes on how to get along with one another or how to resolve conflicts with another person?

I'll bet the answer is almost none.

I am often asked, "What is the most frequent cause of divorce?" My answer is that the parties have no ability to resolve conflicts, issues, or problems between themselves. The reason for this, I believe, is that few of us have ever been educated to resolve conflict.

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