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illinois domestic violence attorneyAccording to The Washington Times, "Staggering statistics from the United States Office on Violence against Women (OVW) claim a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women in the United States. Three women perish at the hands of abusers daily." Nonetheless, bringing false charges of domestic violence has become increasingly popular as the weapon of choice between spouses or partners about to undergo a divorce or paternity case.

Spouses or partners frequently set up the other side in order to claim that they were victims of domestic violence.  To be charged with domestic battery in Illinois, the violence itself does not have to be particularly excessive, besides obvious acts of violence such as beatings  or other events that cause injuries, domestic battery is defined as any "physical abuse," which can include pushing, shoving, and other touching if not by consent.

In the divorce and paternity courts of Illinois, one partner may make a criminal complaint charging the other with having been pushed, shoved, tripped, or even spit upon and thereby have that person charged with domestic battery. Why, you may ask,  is this done? Frequently it is a tactic to try to have the other party removed from the joint home the partners occupy or both parties reside. If both parties live in the same home as joint owners or occupiers than the court will not evict either party from their own home unless there is an actual act of violence or physical violence. So be wary should a divorce or paternity case be brought up;  your partner may try to claim an act of violence by you in order to have you evicted from your own home during the course of the case.

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illinois divorce finance lawyerWhen a marriage does not work out, the partner that is leaving the marriage is not always the bad guy, but he or she may feel like they are. This is more common among men according to a report by the The Huffington Post. Desperation and guilt often make the person initiating the divorce to either delay the divorce or agree to a settlement that is not financially smart; sometimes both.

One scenario to consider is when the wife has been the homemaker and stays home to take care of the children. The husband may continue to stay in the marriage because he has a young child and the wife doesn’t work. He feels on obligation to stay so that he can continue to provide for his family.

This reasoning actually has the opposite effect. Things like child support and alimony are meant to provide for the family. The wife will also have an easier time of reentering the workforce if she is not out of it for so long. Sometimes the discussion of divorce is enough to kick someone out of the comfort zone and back into gear to save the marriage.

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illinois divorce asset lawyerIf your spouse has for sometime or even quite recently been buying gold in the form of jewelry or other forms it is not necessarily because your spouse is cheating on you or giving these as gifts to some other person. If divorce is imminent, it is an effective way of concealing cash in a form that goes relatively unnoticed.

On the other hand, men in particular do not realize that when their wife buys herself a bauble or special gift, it is in fact a way of concealing money in an asset that appreciates in value and is easy sell or even return to the jeweler for cash.

This type of spending also has the increased benefit to your spouse of creating a history or precedent of spending during your marriage. A nonworking spouse can claim this spending reflects a family lifestyle that you silently agreed upon during the marriage. Your silence is your agreement.

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