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IL divorce lawyerIt is not uncommon to hire an attorney and, after divorce proceedings have begun, realize that they are not a good fit for your needs. Whether they do not seem to be qualified for the job, have a conflict of interest, are not spending enough time on your case, or you simply do not get along with him or her, you can terminate your agreement with your attorney even after divorce proceedings already began.

Reasons to Get a New Divorce Attorney

From ex-clients stalking lawyers who they felt were at fault for not winning their custody case, to husbands tracking down and shooting their wives’ divorce attorneys to get even, being a divorce lawyer comes with serious risks. While threats and violence are never okay, it is understandable if you are frustrated with your current lawyer. Good reasons to leave them include the following:

  • Misses deadlines
  • Does not seem to have enough time for your case
  • Poor communication by lack of calls and emails
  • Breaks promises
  • Belittles you
  • Misses court appearances
  • Does not listen to you
  • Does not keep you up to date on your case

Retain a Different Attorney

The first step in getting rid of your current divorce lawyer is to find a new one. When you sign a contract with your new lawyer, ensure that he or she knows that you have an existing attorney that you plan to part ways with. This can be accomplished with a letter of termination submitted in person or in the mail. Even if you tell your attorney face to face or over the phone, you need to submit this termination letter in addition. Ensure that you are completely caught up in payments.

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ChristineOne of the best recommendations anyone can give you in finding a good lawyer for your divorce is to go around and interview a variety of lawyers. Being prepared to ask questions to get a good feel for their work ethic, history of handling such cases, and personality is crucial. You want them to be able to represent you in a way that will ensure your win and benefit. However, is it important to have a lawyer who claims to be “aggressive” as a critical trait for a good lawyer?

Many experts disagree on the level of aggressiveness a divorce lawyer needs to have. To pick an attorney based off how loud they seem as you interview them is not the only way to determine one’s aggressiveness. Yes, perception is a form of reality; however, first time meetings are not the only way to go. A lawyer who seems strong and powerful could really be one who, in the court room, just annoys everyone because they have used power rather than knowledge as a way to influence a court room. Albeit, the judge strictly follows the law, not influential speaking. It all boils down to a lawyer who has expertise knowledge and an excellent way of communicating it a way that benefits your case.

Aggression by definition is one who is “vigorously energetic, especially in the use of initiative and forcefulness” by Dictionary.com. In a divorce proceeding there are two sides that for obvious reasons want to separate from each other and start afresh. Each believes they are owed something for the marriage they endured and now want to end. So it makes sense you want someone who can be forceful and full of energy to conqueror the battle you now want to win. However, finding an over-aggressive lawyer can actually be counter-productive and can actually cost you more time and money because the lawyer might just want to win instead of compromise and find what is best for you.

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