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grounds for divorce, Illinois divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer, DuPage County attorney, reasons for divorceMany dream of having a marriage that lasts for 50 years or more when they get married. Unfortunately, life rarely works out the way we imagine, and at times a relationship reaches the point where it becomes necessary to file for divorce.

According to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, there are certain situations in which the court can enter a judgment of dissolution of marriage:

  • Impotence, where the spouse was unaware of their partner’s impotence at the time the marriage took place;
  • Adultery;
  • One spouse remains absent from the marriage for one year (including litigation and legal separations);
  • Habitual drunkenness lasting at least two years;
  • Excessive drug use for at least two years;
  • Physical or mental cruelty on the part of one of the spouses;
  • A spouse is convicted of a felony or infamous crime;
  • A spouse infects their partner with a sexually transmitted disease.

Additionally, divorces may be granted by the court in cases where both partners have lived apart for a period greater than two years due to irreconcilable differences. This time period may be shortened to six months, provided that the couple agrees to waive the period in a written statement to the court.

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college tuition, divorce settlement, Illinois divorce, DuPage County divorce, attorney, IllinoisFor the most part, parents are responsible for supporting a child until the point of emancipation. In general, emancipation happens at age 18 when people are considered legal adults, although cases involving disabled children will often extend support requirements beyond this age. Sometimes, support requirements for a child’s college education can be included in a divorce settlement.

Depending on the needs in your divorce case, you should consider discussing whether an educational obligation should be included in your settlement. Many parents who opt to do this sign an agreement that they will split the costs and these agreements often have stipulations, like certain grade point averages, that a child must meet in order to continue receiving the support.

Parents should be aware of the importance of wording in such contracts, as is indicated by a recent decision out of New Jersey. In that case, a father and mother had signed an agreement to split the cost of graduate education for their children. When their daughter was accepted to an expensive program at Cornell, her father denied responsibility and said he would only pay for a less expensive law school. A judge disagreed and ordered that the father was required to pay for half of her Cornell education costs.

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Life after divorce, Illinois divorce, DuPage County divorce lawyerA lot of anecdotes and research shared by the media focuses on the downside of divorce, whether it’s the cost, the emotional turmoil that surrounds it, or the best ways to help children cope with their changing life.

Some studies have looked at the fact that married couples tend to report higher levels of happiness than do individuals. This has led some scholars to start exploring whether there are any emotional benefits to dissolution of marriage, both in the short term and long term.

Researchers in Great Britain discovered that both men and women eventually see an improvement in their psychological well-being after going through a divorce. Researchers found that divorce can cause some short-term trauma, but individuals who were interviewed just one year after their divorce had been finalized reported improvements in their mental stress. This research indicates that for some couples, although divorce can cause short term psychological issues, those couples that were already experiencing high stress as a result of their marriage are actually better off in the long run by obtaining a divorce.

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After a critical car accident, it’s normal to that you might be treated for a variety of imminent injuries that you sustained in the accident. Cuts, scrapes, open wounds, and broken bones are some of common injuries sustained following an automobile accident. Unfortunately, however, many accident victims continue to experience pain and symptoms for months and even years after an accident has occurred. One example of these symptoms is chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain can generate severe stiffness and even headaches, making it difficult for accident victims to continue on with their lives. Some individuals may even find it difficult to work after a car accident that led to chronic neck pain.

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, you may wear a neck brace to help support the healing and comfort of your neck. One symptom that is associated with chronic neck pain is a dual aching feeling throughout the neck. You might not recognize chronic neck pain at first because it’s often associated with multiple other symptoms. For example, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, tingling, and swelling of your lymph nodes are all common side effects of chronic neck pain. Since untreated neck pain can often travel up the back of the spine, you might believe that the root of your problem is migraine headaches. Facial pain and pinching feelings are also symptoms that you need to visit with the doctor about the severity of your chronic neck pain.

Neck pain after a car accident should not be ignored or underestimated. When left untreated, chronic neck pain can make it difficult for you to work, participate in activities that you enjoy, and even relax. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a car accident and is currently experiencing symptoms of chronic neck pain, consult with your medical professional and then schedule an appointment with an Illinois personal injury attorney.

The Roxana refineries named in a personal injury lawsuit which claims they released benzene into the soil and air, have declined to settle the case and are requesting a jury trial, said the Madison-St. Clair Record.

According to the Madison-St. Clair Record, the claim names Shell Oil Company, BP Products North America, ConocoPhillips Company, WRB Refining, and Cenovus GPCO as defendants. The plaintiff, Betty Cox, claims that the refineries operated in such a way that they released benzene into the soil and air, which then entered her home through an open drain in her basement and cracks in the cinder block basement wall.

Cox alleges in her complaint that benzene is classified as a highly toxic chemical and human carcinogen, and has been released into the soil in such a way that it contaminated the groundwater in the area. She believes that the release of this chemical near her home has caused her to develop cancer. She is seeking compensatory damages for more than $200,000.

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