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Illinois family lawyerMarriages are full of happy and tragic events. Unfortunately, some of the tragic events cause spouses to question what they really want and whether they are living their life to the fullest. Our divorce lawyers have noticed that these six life events are the ones that often lead to divorce because they distance couples rather than make them stronger:

1. Job Loss

Losing a job and worrying about finances can hinder a marriage. Income loss can change the way a couple spends their time and lives their life. It can also cause one spouse to constantly worry about the unemployed spouse and feel stressed out about being the sole breadwinner.

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Illinois divorce lawyer, Illinois family law attorneyWe have all heard it, “once a cheater always a cheater” but does cheating always point to the physical indiscretions of one partner against the other and the almost certain basis for a divorce? A recent article explores eight varying circumstances and actions that may be classified as non-physical cheating and how these activities can collapse a marriage all too quickly.

Outside Interests

There is no harm in harboring a hobby but when that activity takes away a significant amount of time from your spouse he or she may feel the same type of neglect as if you were involved in a physical relationship outside the marriage.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_infidelity.jpgA recent study, conducted in collegiate collaboration between Texas Tech and the University of Nevada, uncovered perhaps the tendency to cheat may be explained simply as a genetic predisposition found floating in your family gene pool.

The study, which surveyed an estimated 300 students, revealed that connections made between examples of parental indiscretions may have influenced up to 30 percent of students who admitted to cheating on a partner at least once throughout their adult lives. Thirty-three percent of the students further confided that the unfaithful parent was almost always the “king of the castle,” since the study also supported that men are more likely to cheat than women. The study also revealed that 44 percent of admitted cheaters hailed from a family who has dealt with infidelity, however, 22 percent saying that they have not engaged in cheating.

The study lead, Dr. Dana Weiser, shared her opinions regarding why children of cheaters can opt to break this repetitive cycle. Following are Dr. Weiser’s observations:

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adultery, DuPage County divorce lawyer, infidelity, infidelity in marriage, prove adultery, evidence of adultery, extramarital affair, extramarital relationship, grounds for divorceWhat is Adultery and How Does One Prove It?

According to a recent study, the leading cause of divorce is infidelity. However, proving adultery can be difficult. It is a very “fact-specific” analysis requiring clear evidence that one spouse actual did engage in sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse. To prove adultery, the spouse must offer some corroborating evidence in addition to his or her testimony that proves adultery by clear and convincing evidence.

Corroborating evidence usually requires another source that gives credence to a claim of adultery. Evidence of adultery can even be taken from social media websites like Facebook. Once proven, adultery can affect various aspects of the divorce proceedings--but not as much as one might suspect.

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cheating spouse IMAGEWhile some spouses are not concerned about concealing the details of their extramarital affair, some partners can be masters at disguise. There are emotional clues that your partner could be cheating or is more likely to cheat. If you discover evidence of cheating, you might want to contact a divorce attorney sooner rather than later to walk through your options.

There are overt clues that something is up with your spouse, such as trouble remembering things or appearing distracted, but emotions themselves can also give you some guidance. A recent study from the Journal of Family Psychology, for example, found that partners who feared abandonment, were more likely to seek out extramarital affairs. The idea behind the research is that an individual who is insecure and fears their own partner might be drifting away or cheating might begin working on attaching to someone else.

Another clue that someone is cheating is a sudden desire to improve appearance. This can be a tricky one to figure out, since your partner might be trying to improve their appearance for you, so think about whether you have found multiple clues related to cheating. If they are trying out a makeover or a new look but not out sharing it with you, this is a clue they might be showing off for someone else. Finally, if you notice that your spouse has quickly shifting moods, this could be a signal that he or she is cheating. It can be difficult to keep up the schedule and lies of cheating, which can lead to irritable moods.

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