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Illinois injury attorneyThe need for quality, affordable healthcare is one of the most hotly-debated issues in the United States today, and state and federal lawmakers are working to improve and reform multiple aspects of the healthcare system. However, one thing that many Americans may not be aware of is how the laws which are currently being voted on will affect their ability to recover damages in cases of medical malpractice.

Changes Being Considered

H.R. 1215, the “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017,” was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in June 2017, and as of September 2017, it was awaiting a vote in the Senate. This bill would seriously limit people’s ability to receive compensation when they are injured by medical negligence.

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Hinsdale personal injury attorneyEven as summer draws to a close, it is still wise to practice “safe sun” as skin cancer remains the most common type of cancer in this country. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 76,000 new cases of melanoma in the United States this year with an estimated 10,000 people losing their battle against the disease.

Not only is melanoma the most common form of cancer, it is often the most neglected or misdiagnosed cancer with the number of those misdiagnosed rising annually, both in the United States and globally.

If caught early, the survival rate for melanoma is good but only if the patient and their doctor are vigilant about the investigation of any type of skin changes. If a patient is concerned about the evolution of any type of skin change, his or her physician should take full responsibility for conducting a thorough history and alerting the patient to possible danger signs. If there is any measure of suspicion, it is best that the physician orders a biopsy and conducts a thorough investigation.

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medical malpractice, standard of care, Hinsdale medical injury lawyerFor most people, making a mistake at work creates a relatively minor hardship for a customer or a coworker. Perhaps a customer paid slightly more than they should have for a particular item, their food order was wrong, or their custom-designed computer software will be delivered a little later than originally promised. While such errors are certainly frustrating, they are rarely the basis for a credible negligence lawsuit. In certain professions, of course, mistakes can be significantly more serious. A police officer, for example, who mistakenly arrests the wrong person can dramatically impact that person’s life. Similarly, when a doctor or medical professional makes a mistake, a patient may suffer physical injuries, illnesses, and even death. It is important to realize, however, that not every medical mistake constitutes medical malpractice, and a qualified attorney can help you know the difference.

Doctors Are Human Too

A medical error can be a scary situation, especially if the mistake involves a misdiagnosis or prescribing the wrong medicine. As a patient, your health and your life can be directly affected, and the dangers are extremely serious. Any time a doctor or other medical professional misses a symptom or guesses wrong about your condition, it is easy to believe that he or she should be held financially responsible for the error. The law in Illinois, however, is not quite so harsh on medical practitioners.

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standard of care, medical malpractice, DuPage County personal injury attorneyIn many ways, the concept of medical malpractice may seem rather vague and indeterminate. To a certain extent, it may even fall into the category of objective ideas that a person cannot really define but knows it when he or she sees it. Such uncertainty, as you might expect can create challenges for a victim who has been injured as the result of substandard medical care, often making just compensation extremely difficult. That is why is important to clearly understand how the courts in Illinois define medical malpractice and how to prove your case should the need arise.

The Basics of Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are human beings are they are going to make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes, unfortunately, those mistakes will injure a patient, not every medical mistake—even those resulting in serious injury—constitutes malpractice. The practice of medicine is very complex, with countless variables, and a wide variety of approaches and philosophies, so expecting a medical professional to be completely flawless 100 percent of the time is simply unreasonable.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_differential-diagnosis-malpractice.jpgWhen you seek medical care for a suspected problem, you place your trust in the training and skill of professionals who have dedicated their careers to meeting the health care needs of their patients. You assume that the doctors and staff will make every effort to diagnose your issue and offer a course of treatment designed alleviate and eventually, eliminate the affliction. What happens, though, when the doctor gets it wrong? Missed or delayed diagnosis of a health concern can be a serious matter, especially if a delay in treatment leads to the advancement of the condition to the point it can no longer be effectively treated. For just this reason, many medical professionals rely upon a process known as differential diagnosis to establish the nature of a patient’s illness or injury and how best to treat it.

What is Differential Diagnosis?

At its core, differential diagnosis is a problem-solving algorithm that utilizes the process of elimination to narrow down a medical diagnosis and the underlying cause of the condition. A highly-dramatized version of the method was a centerpiece of the popular television show House, M.D., in which the characters compiled a list of potential diagnoses based upon the symptoms presented by the patient and his or her personal and medical history. By analyzing the likelihood of each possibility relative to the others, the team would conduct tests and trial treatments to identify the issue, removing conditions from the list until only the correct one remained.

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