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Hinsdale personal injury attorneysIn many car accident situations, it is very clear which driver was as at fault. For example, you may be driving along just under the posted speed limit when, seemingly out of nowhere, another driver on a cross street runs a red light and slams into your car. That driver would almost certainly be at fault for the accident and potentially liable for any injuries you sustained. What if, however, the driver ran the red light and hit you, but you were texting while driving and, therefore, did not react in time to avoid the accident? If you have been injured in accident such as this, you may share in the liability for your own injuries

Determining a Percentage of Liability

When multiple parties are each partially to blame for car accident that resulted in bodily injury, it is us to the parties involved—or the court if the case goes to trial—to determine which portion of responsibility should fall on which party. As you might expect, those whose actions or negligence which are considered to have contributed more to the accident will be assigned a higher percentage of liability, while actions found to be less significant will have a lower percentage assigned.

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DuPage County personal injury attorneysA bus trip can be a unique, fun experience for many different organizations. School groups often use buses for field trips, while social clubs may charter a bus for a day of shopping or a trip to a casino. Sports teams consisting of athletes of all ages also rely on buses to get to road games and tournaments. In most cases, such trips are relatively uneventful, but when a bus full of passengers is involved in an accident, the results can be tragic.

Rollover Outside Peoria

Late last week, the Columbus Cottonmouths hockey team was traveling by bus on its way to Peoria, Illinois, for a weekend series against the Peoria Rivermen. The team had come all the way from Georgia and was nearing the end of the trip when the bus slid off the on-ramp to Interstate 74 from Interstate 155. The bus—along with an equipment trailer it had been towing—flipped onto its side in a cornfield, trapping two dozen passengers inside.

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DuPage County personal injury attorneyIn the state of Illinois, drivers are required to carry auto insurance. This is meant to ensure that they and other road users are protected, should an accident occur. Yet the type of protection they expect, and the kind they receive are sometimes worlds apart. Can an auto accident attorney really help, and if so, to what extent? Are there any other potential benefits to hiring one for your case?

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Improve Your Chances of Success

Most drivers are surprised to learn that their insurance company does not just pay out compensation for an accident. Instead, they investigate the details of the accident to determine if you may have been partially (or completely) at fault for the accident. They demand documentation for every expense and then have that analyzed to determine how much they should pay out. Many will even try to limit or completely avoid payouts for more obscure portions of your settlement, such as pain and suffering. They also have teams of attorneys to represent them, should you try to litigate the matter.

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DuPage County personal injury attorneyHardly a month goes by, it seems, without a report of another school bus accident occurring somewhere in the region. Though they are overall rather rare, school bus accidents should serve as a reminder to be concerned about safety and safe driving practices in the early morning and afternoon hours – a time when buses can typically be seen on the road. Learn how you can make the roads safer for everyone, including buses, with the following tips and guidelines.

Be a Responsible Driver

In addition to typical safe driving practices (i.e. following the speed limit, obeying traffic laws, not driving impaired), drivers should be extra cautious whenever they see a school bus. If you are following one, pay close attention and remember that they must stop frequently. If you are on an undivided road or directly behind one when they do stop, never pass and stay alert; children can often be unpredictable and may still be present, even after the bus takes off.

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Hinsdale personal injury attorneyMost of the time, dogs truly are man’s best friend; they are companions, confidants, and family members. But when a dog is threatened, sick, stray, mistreated, or abused, it can lash out and bite. Sadly, humans, particularly children, are often on the receiving end (about 1,000 emergency room cases each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Some can be prevented, but many cannot. As such, knowing what to do in the event of a dog bite is the best course of action, particularly for parents of small children.

Victim Usually Knows the Dog

The first thing you should know about dog bites is that the victim usually knows the dog or its owner. They might not have a close enough relationship to fully understand the dog’s temperament or be immediately recognized by the pet, but they have at least seen or know of the pet. This can actually work in the favor of the victim since it can make it easier to determine whether or not the dog is up-to-date on its vaccinations.

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