IL divorce lawyerEveryone knows that divorce is expensive. However, even after you have gone through the process and paid attorneys’ fees, court fees, and more, you will still have additional costs related to the end of your marriage. If you are going through a divorce, it is essential that you understand what these costs are, so you can prepare for them and prevent yourself from falling into financial difficulty. You may find that there are many hidden costs of divorce, but the five most common are found below.

Moving Expenses

After a divorce, one or both spouses will move out of the home and if you are planning to relocate, you must be prepared for those costs. You may have another down payment on a home, rent, and security deposits you must pay. Although these are the obvious costs of moving, there are others, as well.

Prepare to pay for movers, new furnishings for your new home, deposits for utilities, and even groceries to fill your new cupboards once you move in. All of these costs quickly add up, so it is important to itemize what you will need so you will understand just how much the move will cost you.

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IL divorce lawyerMany people understand that if they can resolve their divorce fairly peacefully, it can help expedite their case so they can move forward in their new life. Unfortunately, acting politely and civilly to your spouse is often easier said than done when going through a divorce. Below are some tips on how you can try and reduce the amount of conflict in your divorce so that you do not hurt your case at any time during the process.

Trust the Process

Getting a divorce is extremely emotional, but it is also a legal process and as such, you must follow the specific guidelines and requirements outlined by the law. The timelines that are set out in the law are sometimes frustrating, but it is best to recognize that there is nothing you can do about them. Failing to abide by the law will only hurt your case, so it is crucial that you follow your lawyer’s advice and do your part by submitting the requested documents and other information as quickly as possible.

Do Not Fight Over Everything

It is true that some arguments must be raised during the divorce process, and you should never give in to a term your spouse wants simply because you want the process finished. However, it is just as important that you do not fight over every single term. Arguments will only delay the process and cost you more in the end. Instead, prioritize your goals at the beginning of the process and know which terms you are willing to fight for, and which ones you are willing to compromise on.

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IL family lawyerParents that get divorced or otherwise legally separated are still required by Illinois law to provide financial support to any children involved. When parents are no longer together, this usually requires a child support order, which is legally binding in the state. Parents that do not pay court-ordered child support may face certain legal consequences.

Still, there are instances when one parent may request a child support modification from the court on the original order. A judge will take a number of factors into consideration and then determine if there is a lawful reason for changing the support order. Even when one parent is not paying their fair share of child support, no one should ever take further action until they petition the court. If they do, they could face other legal consequences.

A Loss of Employment

If the recipient loses their job, they may not be able to financially provide for their child in the same manner as they once did until they find gainful employment. On the other hand, if the payer of child support loses their job, they may also be unable to pay the same amount of support that they once did. When either of these factors are present, either the payer or the recipient can petition the court to modify the original amount of child support.

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IL divorce lawyerSame-sex marriages have been legal for nearly a decade in Illinois, meaning that some of those couples will also face the issues of divorce. Same-sex couples that need to get a divorce will still have to resolve the common issues of divorce, including property division, spousal maintenance, and perhaps even child support. However, same-sex divorces also raise some unique issues that are not present in other cases. An Illinois divorce lawyer can help any person going through a divorce sort through these issues, and give them the best chance of securing a positive outcome in their case.

Are Same-Sex Divorces Legal?

Once same-sex marriages became legal, same-sex divorces also became legal, as these couples have the potential for divorcing just like any other. However, same-sex couples will still have to meet all of the requirements for divorce in the state. Firstly, the couple must be married. Simply living together or being together for a long period of time is not enough to get an official divorce. Individuals that want to file for divorce must also meet the residency requirement, meaning that they must have lived in the state for 90 consecutive days before filing.

What Are the Unique Issues Pertaining to Same-Sex Divorces?

Although same-sex couples will have to resolve many of the terms associated with other divorces, these cases do have some unique issues. One of these is that a couple’s relationship may have begun long before same-sex marriages became legal in the state. They may have acquired property together that would usually be considered marital property, but because the couple was not technically married at the time, it is considered separate property.

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IL family lawyerChild custody is one of the most highly disputed issues of any divorce. It is also one of the most misunderstood. Parents often enter into child custody hearings thinking that a judge will award them sole child custody, based on their gender, or the fact that their child prefers to live with them. Other times, parents think that when they are not satisfied with the judge’s decision, they can make a motion to modify the order right away.

These are just two of the most common misconceptions about child custody. If you are going into child custody hearings, it is important that you know the facts about this legal issue, so you can better understand what to expect. Below are six facts to keep in mind throughout your divorce case.

Child Custody Decisions Are Always Based on the Best Interests of the Child

A judge will consider many factors when making a decision on child custody, and they all reflect the best interests of the child. These factors are identical in all child custody cases. While the preference of the child is one of these factors, it is never the sole deciding factor. A judge will also only consider the preferences of the child when they are of a certain age and maturity to make such preferences known.

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