Recognizing the Various Forms of Spousal Abuse

Illinois domestic abuse attorneyOne of the best things you can do for yourself and your children if you are in an abusive marriage is to get out and file for divorce. It is a well-settled fact that spousal abuse tends to get worse over time rather than improving. Quite a few people who are facing spousal abuse have not yet identified that what their spouse is doing to them is a form of abuse. While hitting or hurting a spouse is always abuse, there are many different types of spousal abuse. If your spouse is engaged in any form of abuse, your odds of ultimately experiencing physical violence at their hands are increased.

It can be difficult to initiate divorce, and even more difficult to get through the entire process. However, coming out the other side and being free to pursue your own happiness is well worth it. If you are facing abuse, you should always tell your divorce attorney right away so that they can help you take any necessary steps to protect you. 

Spousal Abuse Takes Many Forms

Abuse happens on a spectrum, from milder forms to more severe types. Often, abuse starts out fairly light, and then progresses over time. Some of the forms that spousal abuse may take include: 

  • Physical violence - This is the most recognizable and visible form of abuse. If you spouse hits you, restrains you, pushes you, or inflicts any other type of violence on you, you are being abused - no matter what excuse they have.
  • Financial abuse - Both spouses should be in complete agreement about how to handle the finances. Your spouse should not restrict your access to marital funds, especially your own income unless you have firmly agreed on a budget together. If your spouse moves money out of a shared account into a private one, will not “allow” you to spend money on your own needs, this is abuse. It is also financial abuse if your spouse opens credit accounts in your name without asking. 
  • Sexual abuse - Sexual abuse does occur between spouses at far higher rates than you may think. Your spouse should respect your feelings when you are not in the mood, rather than manipulating or forcing you into sex anyway. 
  • Emotional abuse - Emotional abuse is a big umbrella that covers a wide variety of conduct. If your spouse is consistently using their words to make you feel bad about yourself, it could be emotional abuse. Your spouse should not talk down to you, nor should they disparage you to your mutual friends or family members. If you feel like you are always under a verbal or psychological attack, your spouse is likely abusing you. 

Even after escaping the marriage, you may have a long path to healing. Divorce may be the best first step. 

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