Marital Cheating

Illinois divorce lawyer, Illinois family law attorneyWe have all heard it, “once a cheater always a cheater” but does cheating always point to the physical indiscretions of one partner against the other and the almost certain basis for a divorce? A recent article explores eight varying circumstances and actions that may be classified as non-physical cheating and how these activities can collapse a marriage all too quickly.

Outside Interests

There is no harm in harboring a hobby but when that activity takes away a significant amount of time from your spouse he or she may feel the same type of neglect as if you were involved in a physical relationship outside the marriage.

Financial Faults

Even if the partners do share a bank account, honesty is still the best policy. When one spouse holds money matters and personal spending close to the vest once disclosed brings to the forefront dishonesty and negative feelings. Any instance of secrecy or dishonesty almost always harms the marital bond.

Remote Envy

Netflix cheating is actually a situation and occurs when one spouse refuses to patiently wait until their partner is present to begin watching the most recent episode of a beloved television show. In this instance, feelings of inadequacy and resentment simply boil to the top and breaks that special bond of togetherness.

Emotional Entanglement

Being involved in an emotional affair, or a relationship that requires extra effort, time and attention is almost as harmful as having a physical affair. There is no doubt that the spouse is going to suppress resentment and feel neglected. For the offending spouse, there is no reason why he or she should be depending on someone else as their primary confident other than their legal spouse or significant other.

Verbal Verbose

A spouse’s words can be twofold. Often used to praise and build confidence but on the other hand when used in the heat of anger they can be extremely dangerous. Damaging words used in an argument are not going to forgotten any time soon and the offended spouse will often feel as if he or she has been violated and insecure.

Internet Infidelity

Although there is continual debate over purely internet interactions, Psychology Today suggests that cyber-flirting opens the floodgates to a relationship that is interfering with the real-world relationship between committed partners. From innocent conversations to full-blown cyber-sex internet infidelity remains a slippery slope.

Forbidden Fantasy

Although it is impossible to control your subconscious and your dreams, the inability to shelve on-going fantasies of someone other than your spouse or partner is in essence stealing time that one should be devoting to his or her spouse.

The Work Wife or Husband

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, we Americans spend 8.8 hours per day on the job. Statistically this can tally to more time spent with co-workers than the committed partner or spouse and as the work wife or hubby relationship deepens the real-world relationship can implode. Feelings of neglect and jealousy are sure to rise to the surface not only affecting life at home but also relationships at work.

It may be difficult to think that too much time spent on the internet or a purely platonic friendship could end a marriage but more often than naught feelings of abandonment and jealousy can. If you are contemplating a divorce and need legal direction, the skilled Hinsdale divorce attorneys of the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio offers over 75 years of combined legal experience and know what it takes to fight for your rights and objectives. Contact our Hinsdale office at 630-920-8855 for more information.


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