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online divorce, stalking spouse, Hinsdale divorce lawyer1. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS.

If you are divorcing, you may be sharing a password with your spouse as many married couples do, or your spouse may know your passwords. Don't think for a moment that because you think you have nothing to hide that your spouse may not read all your email or potentially do malicious things to your accounts. Remember: what you say in emails or text messages or social media such as Facebook or twitter or other forms of media may well be admissible in evidence against you in your divorce case.

Likewise, the websites that you visit or the material that you're looking at may become useful for your spouse. Like a trail of breadcrumbs your media trail may lead your spouse to things that can be brought up in Court such as your spending patterns or who you associate with or whether you were involved with someone else (even if you claim you were only friends.)

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hinsdale illinois divorce lawyerReason 9:  The truth is elusive in an Illinois divorce.

Parties in a divorce case frequently do not tell the truth. It seems obvious, but sometimes forgotten, that many husbands or wives simply do not tell the truth during their divorces. Hidden assets, undisclosed income, and phony debts to business associates, parents, or relatives are commonplace in divorce.

In many ways, spouses in a divorce frequently think they are clever in coming up with lies, false accusations, as well as transfers of assets which they believe will never be discovered during a divorce case. In fact, your husband or wife may try to intimidate you into believing that they can successfully lie and get away with it.

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illinois back child support remarriage"My wife and I were married in 1990 and we had a child together. We divorced in 2002 and I was ordered to pay child support. I did my best to pay the support in full each month but came up short on a couple of payments when I was out of work. In 2010 my wife and I remarried and we all started living together as a family again. She never once asked me to pay child support during this time. I was served with divorce papers last week and now my wife says I owe her $10,000 in past-due child support even though we remarried. Is she right?"

The answer to this question involves good news and bad news.

The bad news is that you should have gone to court and modified your child support payments when you were out of work. This way your child support payments would have been easier to manage and you might not have accrued any past due support. For more information about how to modify you child support payments, click here.

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after my divorce, Amazon product review, Illinois divorce attorney, Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio, living will, power of attorney, Wi-Fi access code, Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart ThermostatX ex-spouse, smart phone and divorceHave you ever found yourself asking, "What should I change after my divorce?" If so, consider the following:

  • Change your life;
  • Change your Will;
  • Change your power of attorney;
  • Change the access code on your Wi-Fi smart home thermostat.

In this digital age of computer hackers and identity theft, you should most certainly change your login and passwords on your emails, online banking accounts, and all other websites that your ex-spouse can access. Also, close any joint credit or debit card accounts that you had with your ex. Finally, make sure you do not forget to change the Wi-Fi access code on your home thermostat!

In a recent product review of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, which can be controlled from a smart phone or computer, an ex-husband recently posted a revealing product review on Amazon titled, "SHE TOOK THE HOUSE, THE DOG AND THE 401K €¦. BUT I STILL CONTROL THE THERMOSTAT."

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illinois revenge porn lawyerImagine receiving a phone call from your soon-to-be ex spouse threatening that he or she will put that explicit sex tape the two of you made one drunken evening on the Internet, unless you agree to roll over and play dead in the divorce case, give up your claim for maintenance, property, or you name it.

This could happen, and in fact happens every day. It is now called "unconsented pornography" or "revenge porn." Revenge porn is sexually explicit pictures, video, or other media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual.

That pictured individual is now becoming increasingly an ex or soon-to-be ex spouse. It's called revenge porn because the images are often posted by the victim’s former lover.

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